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Knowledge is power!

This mini course expands your alopecia areata base of knowledge, helps fill in the blanks and gets you on the right footing for the next steps to take.

With Alopecia 101, you will learn…

  • what AA, AT and AU mean
  • more about autoimmunity
  • what a trigger is
  • how to explain alopecia to your child
  • you are not alone
This course includes access to the Alopecia 101 private community.  

With the Alopecia Roadmap Course, you will…

  • expand your alopecia areata knowledge
  • find helpful resources
  • trust yourself to make decisions
  • know how to advocate with healthcare providers
  • have a game-plan for school, sports & activities
  • be prepared for what’s ahead

Inside, you will find…

  • video lessons that explain key knowledge, skills & resources
  • strategies that will help build your personalized roadmap
  • email templates for communicating your child’s needs at important times
  • checklists to help you navigate doctor’s appointments, traveling, the 1st day of school, and much more 
  • access to the Alopecia Roadmap community

I want to do this course with a coach!

  • 4 hours of dedicated coaching 
  • personalized guidance 
  • complete online course 
  • access to the Alopecia Roadmap Community

    Over $640 of Value


Let’s work together to find practical & just-for-you & your child solutions to…

  • stop feeling lost 
  • build confidence around hair loss
  • navigate school, sports & activities
  • find community & know you & your child are not alone