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A signed copy of Head-On, Stories of Alopecia is available for purchase direct from Head-On Publishing.

10% of each purchase goes to an alopecia charity of your choice.

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Coal beanies are my absolute favorite. I have them in multiple colors. The Julietta is super soft, and the Frena is really comfortable on cold winter nights and warm summer ones when the wind picks up.

C3 is a a product we talked about in Season 1 with co-founder Melissa. I love how they have a head wash and head hydrate product just for people who are living with hair loss. 

Both products are absolutely fantastic!!  The head hydrate in particular has been a lifesaver after getting sunburned. – Wendy S.

Buffs are available in a variety of patterns. They are great for working out and sports. There are multiple ways to wear them too. There are several other “Buff” type products out there at varying price points too.

These are always a hit at camp!

If you are looking for a way to secure your wig without glue or tape, WiGrip is the way to go. After sharing about it on the podcast, this message came in from listener, Jenine. 

“I heard about wig grips on one of the last podcasts and finally, after 52 years of wearing wigs, tried one of the Milano grips, velvet lace. Where have these things been all my life? I recently got a new wig, synthetic, and it seems to slip a bit even when properly adjusted so these grips are amazing for giving me some security with it.”

The Dip Brow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills is great, especially if you know how to wield a brush. 

“It’s waterproof and stays on through everything!” says L.B.

For those of us in the alopecia community who like to use a pencil, the Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills works really well. It takes a little practice to work with this type of pencil, but once you have…you’re golden. 

Thank you to Sarah W. who recommends Anastasia Beverly Hills Superfine Micro-Stroking Detail Brow Pen & Brow Powder.

“The brow pen creates incredibly realistic strokes and looks even better when applied over the powder.”

This Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo Color Compact works awesome with the Superfine Micro-Stroking Detail Brow Pen. 

Thanks again to Sarah W. for this combination recommendation.

This FlexSeries Freedom Grooming electric hair/head shaver works great for Teresa S.’ 17-year-old son.

“It seems to give a really close shave. Rounded for the head and I thought the price was reasonable. (Also can get wet)”

“It’s rounded to the shape of a head. It’s the closest shave we have found without hurting his head.” – Mom, S.F.

My two brows are the creation of Jason Berndt, who has lived with alopecia for over 11 years.

After a lot of late nights, early mornings and a ton of trial and error, Jason finally discovered how to make a realistic set of eyebrows which last for days, are easy to apply, and are waterproof.

Glue is another good option to keeping your wig secure. This brand gets rave reviews on support pages. Please note, there are different glues or sprays that work for different types of wigs.

Please do adequate research to protect not only your wig, but your scalp too. 

These are just great products and companies who have been peer reviewed by the alopecia community. I do not have any affiliation with them, just a great appreciation! has been a fantastic resource for many different hats, scarves, and more. They are known for their affordable pricing and variety of products.

They have wigs, human hair eyebrows, swim caps and more.

The beaubeau is perfectly designed & is made to fit. They are great for casual or dressy events, and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

The founder of is Susan Beausang who has had alopecia since 2001. She has since sold the company, but her motto still remains, “Just because you have lost your hair, does not mean you have lost your sense of style.”

Model: Abby

These headwraps are so adorable, come in a multitude of different patterns, and are super soft to wear. 

Dj gives these a seal of approval.

Nammu swimming hats are designed to stay in place during any water activity, provide sun protection that doesn’t wash off, and come in a variety of designs.

Nammu hats are the #1 suggested item for swimming by adults and parents of children living with alopecia that have made a huge difference.