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alopecia resource videos

alopecia resource videos are an easy way to introduce alopecia to classmates

Feel free to watch and download these videos to use as education tools in school. These resource videos were initiated by my cousin, Tara, a middle school teacher who had a student with alopecia in her classroom. He was struggling to connect with his classmates and was feeling misunderstood. 

She asked if I had a video to share, and I was disappointed to tell her, I didn’t. It felt like something that would be a helpful resource for schools to create awareness, and I was so excited to hear that her student felt comfortable enough to go to the front of the classroom and share his alopecia experience after watching it with his class.

They are available to use as they are, or you can feel free to have me to modify one to include the city you live in, along with a few things about your child to make it more personal. Click on the orange calendar button above to book a call with me to discuss this option. 

*The younger age classroom video works great with a narrator (a parent, teacher, or sibling) who can share what the slides say for those age groups who aren’t yet experienced readers.